Vent Port Stuffer

All Screwtech parts are manufactured using only top quality wear and corrosion resistant steels that are designed to last as long or often longer than the original manufacturer’s.

Nitriding, stainless steels and alloys or specially treated materials are all available depending on the customer’s specific requirements for the plastic, paint and food industries.

Co-rotating twin screw elements, shafts and barrels are available for a wide range of extruders. Screwtech manufactures a wide range of elements and specialises in Clextral and APV elements manufactured from alternative steels for corrosive and high wear applications.

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Vent Port Problems?

Screwtech provide an innovative solution for the common problem of material coming out of the vent port and clogging up the vacuum pipe (or worse catching fire)! The Vent Port Stuffer (VPS) is a clever solution that allows you to run faster throughputs and will extract moisture from recycled materials to improve porosity.

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