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| Manufacturing service for high quality twin extruder components.

At Screwtech Engineering, we service a wide range of industrial sectors, including, but not limited to, plastic manufacturers and food production. We pride ourselves in giving a first-class manufacturing service along with advice, fast turnaround times and a range of practical solutions designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Our extensive knowledge and vast experience in this area has been gained over many years working with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of well-known products.
Discover more about Screwtech Engineering.

| What do we do?

Discover more about Screwtech Engineering.

Extrude Vent

The Self-wiping twin-screw design helps prevent material rising up the vent port.

Screw Elements

All screw elements manufactured at Screwtech Engineering are produced from top quality corrosion and wear resistant steels with nitriding, stainless steels and other alloys available for specific customer requirements.

Barrel & Liners

Screwtech also provides a range of parallel barrels and liners which can be manufactured in lengths of up to 400mm. We can also design and manufacture bespoke parts along with modifications should our customers so desire.

Shafts & Tips

We are able to provide a wide range of shafts and tips so please do not hesitate to get in touch with your requirements.

Dies & Moulds

Screwtech Engineering also has the capabilities to design and manufacture by utilising the very latest in 3D CAD Modelling Software.

Vent Port Stuffer

Vent Port Stuffers provide a safe way to increase production whilst removing air, moisture and volatiles without losing process material from the vent port.

| Vent Port Stuffer

All Screwtech parts are manufactured using only top quality wear and corrosion resistant steels that are designed to last as long or often longer than the original manufacturer’s.