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| Vent port stuffer

Vent Port Stuffers provide a safe way to increase production whilst removing air, moisture and volatiles without losing process material from the vent port. 

At Screwtech Engineering, we supply a wide range of Vent Port Stuffer.

Features Include:

  • Allows the screw configuration to be less critical
  • Helps maximise use of available barrel length and vent port positions
  • Increased extruder pressure improves porosity
  • High-quality stainless-steel construction for demanding production environments
  • Easy clean, two-part vacuum chamber and separate seal housing
  • Oil filled gearbox with water cooled jacket for long life expectancy at high temperature
  • Various sizes to suit a wide range of twin-screw and single-screw extruders
  • Proven design used by many leading compounding and profiling extrusion companies
  • Self-Wiping twin-screw design helps prevent material rising up the vent port
  • Improve capacity – run at higher fill levels and maintain your product quality
  • Minimise inconvenient and costly down time through vent port blockage
  • Precision tolerances allow full vacuum to be drawn – removing moisture and volatiles