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Shaft Stripping Service

Having a machine work ineffectively costs your business money. Other parts may begin to overcompensate, resulting in further damage or the machine may stop working altogether.

Additionally, rectifying these problems is often time consuming and laborious. Often something that businesses just don’t have the resources to do themselves.

Screwtech offer a shaft stripping service to remove old and worn elements from the shaft and replace them with new ones. Whether you want a new configuration or simply don’t have the spare labour – Screwtech can help.

It’s important to note that occasionally ‘good’ elements can get broken during the removal process (which cannot be avoided) and the shaft stripping service is offered on this understanding.


Part Fitting Service

As a business, it is important that everything runs effectively and at optimum performance. Maintenance on your machines is a necessity but is often an inconvenience.

Screwtech engineers can visit to replace barrels, shafts and elements on site. Highly experienced engineers can provide help when your own resources are stretched or limited.


Machine Capability

  • 4 Axis Wire Erosion
  • CNC Thread Whirler
  • Full Equipped Machine Shop
  • Mills
  • Lathes
  • Surface Grinders
  • Drills etc.


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  • Shaft Stripping Service
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